offsite consultations

Professional Offsite Feng Shui Consultations
This is done from our location. Not only is this an effective and convenient
method to feng-shui your home or office, it is good for those who may be renting or looking to move and want to have a quick look at a location.
Your office/home will be analyzed to excruciating detail using authentic
formula feng shui methods - (specifically the Flying Star School and
Eight Mansions School of feng shui).
Detailed tables and diagrams with easy to understand recommendations.
Where one option is difficult to implement, we will offer you alternatives.
This offsite consultation can be followed up with an onsite visit at an extra charge.

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Below is a LIST of what YOU NEED TO SEND
for us to prepare a thorough and accurate reading of your house, office or business

1. Site/area plan to scale.
2. Floor plan indicating accurately the North-
South axis/direction
3. Accurate direction of front door (to nearest
degree) when standing looking out the door.
4. Floor plan. Please note the use of each room - (e.g. kitchen, second son's bedroom, master bedroom, study).
5. Over all colours used in the decor
6. Birth dates (year, month, day (and time if possible) of all family members (managers and key staff for office or business feng shui readings)
7. The year the house was built and the year the occupants moved in. (Indicate when, if any renovations have been made, and to which part of the house.)
8. Special exterior structures (if any): e.g. a swimming pool at sight, high tension power lines, mountains and rivers, overpowering or neighboring structures.
If possible, take pictures and indicate on a diagram.
9. Any Specific areas you want analysed eg.
health problems, money loss, arguments in the
home or business)
10. Any other questions or queries.
11. Your full name, address including postal code.
telephone/fax numbers, email.

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