Basic Face Reading
What You Need to Know About Mian Xiang
Mian Xiang is the ancient Chinese Art of Face Reading. It is part of the field of Physiognomy or the study of appearances, one of the ancient Chinese Five Arts. Mian Xiang is an extremely accurate method of ascertaining a person's fortunes from facial features such as Ears, Eyes, Nose, Mouth and Forehead. Little indicators on the face are tell-tale signs of changes in luck or fortune that can be derived, just by looking in the mirror or by looking at someone's face.

The Human Face is a person's 100 year map of their life. Truly, a person's face is their fortune and provides significant insight to a person's life, from their health, their wealth to their luck through the years.

This seminar equips you with the skills and knowledge to immediately, at the end of the one-day course, learn how to read a person's face and derive information about their fortune. Individuals with prior knowledge of Chinese metaphysical subjects such as Feng Shui or BaZi (Destiny) will find this an invaluable complementary discipline to their knowledge. Those who have no knowledge of Feng Shui or BaZi (Destiny) will find Mian Xiang (Face Reading) an excellent, informative and fun way to gain an introduction to Chinese metaphysics. An entertaining, lively, hands-on and super-practical course, you will see things in the faces of the people around you that you never knew before!

• Ideal for businessmen or entrepreneurs – learn to size up
  an opponent in an instant by merely looking at their faces
• Complementary discipline for Bazi or Feng Shui practitioners
• Fun introduction to the science of Chinese Metaphysics

Why Study Mian Xiang (Face Reading)?
Mian Xiang (Face Reading) has tremendous value to the businessperson, the entrepreneur, even the busy housewife. Ever had to get a person to fix your tap? Or engage a gardener? How about finding the right cleaning lady to work in your home? From selecting a secretary to picking the right person to go into a business venture with, this course will give you the skills needed to make an informed but quick judgement, just by looking at the person's face.
Facial features in fact can tell you if a person is trustworthy or
not, whether they are reliable or unreliable, and whether or not
they will be suited for the job that you have in mind. This is an
invaluable skill to have, whether you are a businessman or a

The course covers basic face shapes, how to read the 100 year
map of the face, and how to read the Ears, Forehead, Eyebrows, Eyes, Nose, Cheeks and other facial features in detail.




Course Highlights
• Fundamentals of Mian Xiang
- What is Face Reading?
- The Five Elements on the Face
- The Five Mountains and the Five Officers
- The 100 Year Map
- The 100 Positions on the Face
- The 12 Palaces
- The Cosmic Trinity
• Face Shapes
• The Ears
• The Forehead
• The Eyebrows
• The Eyes
• The Nose
• The Cheeks
• The Philtrum
• The Fa Ling
• The Mouth
• The Chin and Jaws

Benefits of Studying Mian Xiang
Students of Mian Xiang will find that this discipline is extremely
helpful and indeed, complementary to the fields of Feng Shui
and BaZi (Destiny). This is because Mian Xiang (Face Reading)
relates to a person's Later Heaven luck. A person's face does not remain fixed and the same in appearance over the course of their life and by studying the face, Feng Shui and BaZi (Destiny) practitioners can gain an instant quick snapshot of a person's fortunes at the time of a consultation

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