Please note that our consultants are professional Destiny Analysts. They are NOT fortune-tellers, psychics or mediums.. Our role is to analyze your BaZi chart, understand your behavior, strengths and weakness, uncover your gifts and talents and understand your Luck Cycle. We offer advice on how you can design your life and make positive changes for the better based on your BaZi Astrology chart.
We cannot change your Destiny. Only you can. It is wholly up to you to take the initiative to make a change for the better. The advice and solutions offered to you by the consultant will still require you to exercise your absolute discretion and interpretation.


Your BaZi reading can only reveal your prospect and inclination to success and happiness. It does not guarantee a positive outcome in the future if no action on your part was taken today.
Please be reminded that the consultation should NOT be considered as a substitute for professional financial, medical or legal advice. In cases where you may have health concerns or legal issues, you will still need to consult a medical doctor or lawyer to advise you

Privacy Statement:
We are committed to protecting your privacy. All personal information entrusted to us will be held at the utmost level of confidence.

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