Selecting the proper date for important events in your life.

When you get married or divorced it is extremely beneficial to your final outcome in life over time. When purchasing your house or the date you close the deal, it is very important to the success of the final outcome. The right date to begin a new company or schedule an important event for the company can also make an impact. Date selection has been used for centuries often based on the sun, moon, summer and winter solstice.

Some other options for date selection analysis could be
• home renovations • construction • ground breaking or garden renovations • surgery • medical advice• extended vacations • signing contracts • litigation • collecting payments • burials • religious events • space clearing. Buying or selling your home.

Caesarean birth or birth induced labour can be extremely important to the child and the parents involved. For this type of date selection on C section births you would need to have an ultra sound ahead of time and let us know if it is boy or girl and then provide us with the 10 days to 2 week time frame your doctor is looking at for the delivery. This is a time where you can really make a difference to the outcome based on the date of birth of the child and what it brings to the destiny of the parents and good fortune to the child.

By selecting a proper date you minimize any risks and enhance your outcome.


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