Business consultations
For all types of Businesses from Offices, Hotels, sport-facilities, Hospitals, schools, stores, and malls. For land development and site selection. Classical Feng Shui is strictly used for all business consults.

Business Feng Shui can be classified under
"Space RE-Organization, Geobiology & Environmental Study".

You will receive a 21 page full colour report.
This report will contain information for the next 5 years.

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Report Information
• Balance Building design
• Vital energy office design
• Senior Management Office Layout
• Building ecology (to identify toxins in buildings
and provide remedies)
• Geomancy (negative and positive earth rays &
energies) to eliminate health problems in businesses.
• Building health (to remedy sick buildings
• Outside building environmental study and how it
impacts the businesses success.
• Work Flow study (to reduce costs)
• Town and city design for business
success and growth.
• Revitalization/rejuvenation of towns and cities
• Design powerful business logos
• Design of power spots
• Design of power water fountains and water falls to attract customers
• Geo-puncture to release negative and toxic underground energy to the surface


Below is a LIST of what YOU NEED TO SEND
for us to prepare a thorough and accurate reading of your house, office or business

1. Site/area plan (drawn to scale)
including all roads and surrounding buildings.
2. Floor plan
3. Birth dates (year, month, day (and time if possible) of key staff for office or business feng shui readings.
4. The year the building was built and the year the occupants moved in. (Indicate when, if any renovations have been made, and to which part of the house.)
5. Any Specific areas you want analysed eg.
health problems, money loss, arguments in the business
6. Any other questions or queries.
7. Your full name, address including postal code.
telephone/fax numbers, email.

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